Huanggang Zhongchuang kiln stove Limited company is a specialized dry kiln company,service domain covers metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, chemical industry and so on. It is mainly engaged in the hot working dry kiln's design, work and debugging.

        Since the company had been established, devotes in specialized engineering design of each industry stove and the related necessary, for users organises equipment¡¯s ordering and the goods supply, as well as the project contractor turn-key project service. While carrying on the massive engineering project, we in view of the present situation of the domestic and foreign industry stove technology, absorbs the world each famous dry kiln company's design special skills, absorb advanced production experience of various factories at home and abroad, particularly on the basis of summarizing the experience of the design, the manufacture, the construction and the production aspect of industry dry kiln that we design, has conducted the massive engineering research and the development work, consummate and enhance our company's technical level unceasingly, ¡°improves unceasingly¡± becomes the goal that Zhongchuang company pursues throughout.         

        The industry dry kiln that our company designs has widely applied in the domestic each domain, especially in the steel and iron profession, has obtained the good effect. The company successfully developed the steel and iron profession¡¯s rotary hearth furnace, walking beam furnace, as well as the heat-treatment furnace such as the normalizing, the annealing, the tempering, the solid furnace, the spheroidized furnace and so on.   

        The project has been gone into production moves good, has achieved the design requirements, met users¡¯ production need and obtained the good economic efficiency. Through these projects¡¯ practice, we gained in the rich experience in equipment manufacture, material and equipment ordering, structural element manufacture, construction management, stove debugging production and automated control etc., which strengthened the company's comprehensive technical level and managed capacity.

        Zhongchuang kiln stove, inherits tradition industry's essence, founds the dry kiln of the new times, Persisting throughout the objective of ¡°good faith service, highly effective energy conservation¡±, providing you the most advanced industry stove engineering design and the technical advisory work with the scientific technology, the modern management, the many years¡¯ rich experience and the newest technology, developing users new dry kiln of high grade, low energy consumption ,high automaticity, simplicity of operator, flexibility and originality, different type.

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